Our Story


Our Inspiration

  • We are inspired to use nature's healing powers for wellness and balance and to promote natural healing.
  • Our methods are influenced by age old, proven traditional methods to make herbal products.
  • We appreciate that the influence of culture on health, how it affects perceptions of health, illness and death, beliefs about causes of disease, approaches to health promotion, how illness and pain are experienced and expressed, where patients seek help, and the types of treatment patients prefer.
  • We strongly believe in the medicinal and psychological benefits when essential oils are used safely.

The Environment

  • We genuinely value sustainable farming, and support ethical land use.
  • Elder respect and indigenous knowledge of the land is important to us.
  • Sourcing supplies from the most ethical, committed, and quality conscious farmers, and members of our community is something we always try to do.
  • We are passionate about distilling essential oils from plants that were grown chemical free and sustainably harvested.
  • We endeavour to promote waste reduction by the way we package and ship our products, and recycling where possible.  


  • We focus on developing products to support health, happiness, and well-being.
  • We only make genuine claims about our products based on scientific and traditional knowledge and peer reviewed, evidence based literature.


  • We understand the science, chemistry and art of aromatherapy and making herbal and cosmetic preparations.
  • We are highly committed to making quality products, with considerable time spent testing their attributes and efficacy.
  • We have the qualifications, experience and equipment to conduct a range of laboratory tests to ensure product safety.
  • We have in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to conduct research and development and GMP manufacturing.

Helping Others

  • By supporting other distilleries through the purchase of essential oils which we are unable to make.
  • We support our local community by obtaining locally grown fruits, flowers and herbs from others in return for free products.
  • We enjoy sharing our knowledge and resources by facilitating hands-on workshops on a range of different topics.
  • We endeavor to provide excellent customer service, and always try to address the needs or our customers,
  • We support may charity organisations and fundraisers by donating time and products to raise much needed funds


I'm Jacinta Meyers, founder of Essential Essence Aromatherapy Oils, a passionate research scientist who has spent many years developing manufacturing processes to make much needed anti-cancer, anti-viral and antibiotic pharmaceuticals.  Many years ago, when my father was undergoing chemotherapy for his cancer, I found out that he was being treated with some of the drugs that I helped to make. I struggled with the realisation that although they were assisting to treat the cancer, they were also creating some devastating side effects.  Some of these side effects seemed much worse than the cancer alone.  When I saw what these did to my dad I was heartbroken.  I felt helpless that I could not help him feel better and wanted to stop working a scientist.  When I told my dad this he encouraged me to continue making these medicines because they gave people hope.  They provided an opportunity for them to overcome their illness and to experience a healthier future. 

Even though anti-cancer drugs are now more targeted, meaning the side effects are greatly reduced, I decided to make some changes in my life. I changed the focus of my work.  My next job was to assist with the manufacture of medical devices which would be used as diagnostic tool during the pandemic.  I then moved into a different type of manufacturing which involved the production of vitamins, minerals and complementary medicines. These medicines are critical to supporting recovery of patients with different health conditions, and they also help to build resistance to disease and infection.

Whilst working in these other industries I decided to also use my scientific expertise to research and produce my own natural remedies to support health and well-being.  I created my own brand because I wanted to make products which would help others to naturally overcome pain, skin conditions and emotional issues in their lives without having to worry about the deleterious side effects that often accompany the use of many ingredients commonly used in western medicine. 

My family and friends continue to help with the day-to-day operations associated with my business.  Without their instrumental support, great ideas for improvement, and belief in my dreams and abilities, it would not have transformed into what it is today.