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Essential Essence Aromatherapy Oils are authentic, pure, natural, unadulterated essential oils, carrier oils and blends.  We steam distill many of our own essential oils.  Our raw materials are carefully sourced from reputable local and global suppliers.  We have taken the time to personally verify that our products are sustainably produced and that they are handled and stored according to acceptable standards.  This ensures the unique aromatic signatures and chemical composition of each plant are properly preserved, thus ensuring the highest quality end product.  GC-MS profiles of our pure oils and Material Data Sheets will be supplied on request.

Essential Essence Aromatherapy Oils was created in 2011 to fill a gap in the market whereby pure essential oils, suitable for therapeutic use, could be made available to the general public at affordable, realistic prices.  Since then our product range has expanded to include scientifically formulated organic hair and skin care products.  These products incorporate many native Australian botanical extracts that have some of the highest known levels of natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. All of our skin and hair care products have been designed to nourish, protect and rejuvenate.  Essential oils have been added to enhance their aroma and to assist in improving psychological and physical well-being.  Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals and have not been tested on animals.

We pride ourselves in offering natural, low chemical products that are hand formulated to the highest standards using GLP/GMP principles.  Our focus is to continue to develop and refine our product range and to educate our customers.  We offer free formulating and product usage advice.  We also offer a product innovation service whereby aromatherapy, hair and skincare products can be designed, formulated and packaged to suit a specific need.

Essential Essence is situated in Melbourne Australia. We have a flat rate of $8 delivery per order to anywhere in Australia.  Contact us for overseas freight costs.  Positions are currently available for product consultants.  It’s a great way to earn extra money whilst working from home and an excellent opportunity to buy your own oils at a heavily discounted price.

Essential Essence is owned and operated by Scientist, Ms Jacinta Meyers.  She has a unique set of skills and experience that enables Essential Essence to be the perfect resource to turn to for pure essential oils, carrier oils and natural organic cosmetic products.

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