We absolutely love sharing our knowledge and resources with others by facilitating hands-on workshops on a range of different topics.  Our workshop facilitator is a research scientist, with over 15 years of pharmaceutical product development, product testing, and GMP manufacturing experience.  With formal scientific, teaching, aromatherapy and cosmetic formulation qualifications, and a successful small business which has been operating for over 10 years, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

    Our formulation and aromatherapy workshops can be tailored to suit individual needs and focus on helping you gain practical skills so you learn (at your own pace) whilst doing.  Our participants always have a lot of fun.  We run individual and group sessions, and provide all the materials, recipes and equipment to make some really cool plant-based aromatherapy and cosmetic products.  After completing one of our workshops you can be assured that you will be equipped with the information and confidence to make many more products for yourself, your family and friends.  We are only a phone call away if you need help with anything whilst working on any projects of your own.


    Our formulation workshops are suitable for ages 15+ and are designed for beginners who are just learning to make natural skin care products, or those wanting to improve their cosmetic and formulating skills.  Over 3 hours, you will be guided through the process of making your own body lotion and body scrub using a range of naturally derived ingredients.  Using two master recipes, you will be encouraged to experiment by changing some of the ingredients at different steps.  By the end of the session you will understand how these products are created, and you will have some fantastic products and recipes to take home with you.

    $150pp - group discounts available


    Have you ever wanted to make your own essential oils and hydrosol but weren't sure how?  During our 3 hour distillation workshops you will indulge in a short, yet informative and exciting trip in to the scientific worlds of chemistry and biology, without having to do any equations.  Over 3 hours you will learn what essential oils and hydrosols are, how they can be made, and some of the best ways to use them.  You will also learn about which plants to harvest, and the best time to do this.  Next you will be guided through the process of using materials commonly found in your kitchen at home to make a simple, yet very effective still to produce your own hydrosol.

    $150pp - group discounts available


    Do you already sell, or intend to sell your home-made or commercially made cosmetic or personal care products?  If you answered YES then are you aware that you have a duty of care, and a legal responsibility to ensure your products are labelled correctly and are safe for use?  Save yourself the stress of trying to work out how to be compliant, by allowing us to guide you through this process, and be more profitable - all at an affordable price.  During this 1.5 hour session we will cover the basics on the different types of regulations and standards you may need to comply with when running your skin care business.  You will learn how to make compliant cosmetic label claims, compliant labels, and what scientific testing should be performed on your products to determine their shelf life, and confirm they are safe for your customers to use.  All participants in this workshop will receive exclusive access to discounted product & raw material testing services offered by our Formulation Advisory Cosmetic Testing Service.

    $100pp - group discounts available