Essential Oils

Grapefruit Pure 15mL

Citrus x paradisi has a fresh, sweet oil obtained via cold expression of the fresh peel of the fruit.....

Helichrysum Pure 15mL

True Helichrysum italicum oil is well known for its ability to rejuvenate and promote healthy look.....

Juniperberry Pure 15mL

Juniperus communis oil is a refreshing and detoxifying oil.  Its sharp fragrance with woody und.....

Lavender Pure (Greek) 15mL

Pure Lavandula angustifolia essential oil has been steam distilled from the flowering tops of the pl.....

Lavender Pure (mixed plant species) 15mL

Pure  Lavandula species a blend of different local lavender species that have been steam distil.....

Lemon Myrtle Pure 15mL

Myrtus communus pure essential oil has a warm rich lemony fragrance.  It has powerful germicide.....

Lemon Pure Cold Pressed 15mL

Cold pressed Citrus limonum has a sharp, invigorating top note with stimulating and uplifting proper.....

Lemon Pure Steam Distilled 15mL

Unlike cold pressed lemon oil, Essential Essence pure steam distilled lemon oil has been scientifica.....

Lemongrass Pure 15mL

Cymbopogon flexuosus is a popular essential oil that aids in promoting clarity, concentration and aw.....

Lime Pure 15mL

Citrus aurantifolia is extracted via cold expression of the fruit peel.  Lime oil has a sharp, .....

Mandarin Pure 15mL

Citrus reticulata is a juicy, sweet  aroma with uplifting and calming properties.  This fr.....

Marjoram Pure 15mL

The warm and penetrating aroma of Origanum majorana (Wild Marjoram) is both relaxing and restorative.....

Myrtle Pure 15mL

Myrtus communis has a clear, fresh herbaceous aroma similar to Eucalyptus.  It is extracted via.....

Neroli Pure 15mL

Neroli essential is steam distilled from the fragrant flowering blossom of the orange tree Citrus au.....

Nutmeg Pure 15mL

Myristica fragrens has a sharp, warm, spicy, sweet aroma that has aphrodisiac, carminative, anti-inf.....

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