Essential Oils

Orange Pure 15mL

Citrus sinensis (sweet orange) is extracted via cold expression of the skin of the fruit.  This.....

Palmarosa Pure 15mL

Cymbopogon martinii has an aroma that closely resembles lemongrass.  Palmarosa oil is extracted.....

Patchouli Pure 15mL

Pogostemon cablin has a spicy, earthy, musky, sweet, rich aroma.  Patchouli essential oil is ex.....

Pepper (Black) Pure 15mL

Piper nigrum has aromatic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.  Extern.....

Peppermint Pure 15mL

Mentha x piperita essential oil is obtained via steam distillation from the fresh aerial part of the.....

Pine Pure 15mL

Pinus sylvestris, also known as Scotch Pine, has a fresh, balsamic, woody scent with stimulating ant.....

Rose Absolute Pure 5mL

Rose Absolute oil has an intense rich floral aroma. It is used worldwide as a luxurious ingredient.....

Rose Geranium Pure 15mL

Pelargonium graveolens has a delightful cooling, uplifting scent.  The fragrance is both sweet .....

Rosemary Pure 15mL

Rosmarinus officinalis has a strong, clear, penetrating, refreshing, herbaceous fragrance.  Ros.....

Sage Pure 15mL

Salvia lavandulaefolia is an earthy and herbaceous, with a subtle fruity aroma obtained via steam di.....

Sandalwood (East Indian) 5mL

East Indian sandalwood oil is obtained via steam distillation of the heartwood chips of Santalum alb.....

Sandalwood (West Indian) 15mL

West Indian Amyris balsamifera is a different species to the protected, more costly East Indian Sand.....

Spearmint Pure 15mL

Mentha spicata has a crisp, clear, mild, slightly fruity, minty aroma.  The essential oil is ob.....

Tangerine Pure 15mL

Citrus reticulata is a top note with a sweet, sparking, fresh citrus aroma.  It is expressed fr.....

Tea Tree Pure 15mL

Melaleuca alternifolia has purifying, cleansing, antiseptic and energizing properties.  It has .....

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