125mL Eucalyptus Spray & 15mL Lemon Essential Oil Pack

Save more than 30% off the retail price by purchasing Essential Essence 125mL eucalyptus and 15mL le.....

Coconut Oil (fractionated) 100mL **on sale now 25% off**

Fractionated coconut is comprised of Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides.  During the natural refinin.....

Cypress Pure 15mL **on sale now 25% off**

Cupressus sempervirens is a base note generally known for its sedative properties.  Using cypre.....

Face Mask Value Pack

The Essential Essence Face Mask Pack contains everything you need to prepare and apply your mask:100.....

Floral Water Twin Pack

Floral waters are very versatile.  They can be used as body sprays, linen and room sprays. .....

Lemon Pure 15mL **on sale now 25% off**

Cold pressed Citrus limonum has a sharp, invigorating top note with stimulating and uplifting proper.....

Marjoram Pure 15mL **on sale now 25% off**

The warm and penetrating aroma of Origanum majorana (Wild Marjoram) is both relaxing and restorative.....

Pine Pure 15mL **on sale now 25% off**

Pinus sylvestris, also known as Scotch Pine, has a fresh, balsamic, woody scent with stimulating ant.....

Relax Pack

A great gift idea, Essential Essence relax pack contains:15mL pure argan oil150g deodorising body ta.....

Sage Pure 15mL **on sale now 25% off**

Salvia officinalis is an earthy and herbaceous, with a subtle fruity aroma obtained via steam distil.....

Tranquility Bath Oil 100mL **on sale now 25% off**

Tranquility bath oil has been especially formulated to help you unwind, de-stress and recover after .....

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