Fixed/Carrier Oils

Argan Oil 100mL

Argania spinosa is pressed from the nuts of the indigenous argan tree, a native of Morocco.  Th.....

Argan Oil 15mL

Essential Essence Argania spinosa certified organic pure argan oil is effective in improving hair el.....

Castor Oil 100mL (refined)

Castor Oil, otherwise known as Ricinus communis, is a monounsaturated fixed oil obtained by cold exp.....

Coconut Oil (fractionated) 100mL

Fractionated coconut is comprised of Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides.  During the natural refinin.....

Grape Seed Oil 100mL

Vitis vinifera is a very light oil, with almost the same viscosity as water.  This odourless oi.....

Hemp Oil 100mL

Cannabis sativa is one of the world's richest sources of fatty acids.  It is an excellent moist.....

Jojoba Oil 100mL

Simmondsia chinensis is a liquid wax that is made up of a mixture of esters of fatty acids with alco.....

Neem (in emulsifier) 50mL

Neem Seed Oil or Azardirachta india is cold extracted from the seed kernel.  It is used in crea.....

Rosehip Oil 100mL

Rosa eglanteria is great for all skin types and conditions.   It is very rich in Vitamin C.....

Sweet Almond Oil 100mL

Prunus dulcis is light, almost odorless and is ideal for massage as it is easily absorbed.  Thi.....

Sweet Almond Oil 500mL

Prunus dulcis is light, almost odorless and is ideal for massage as it is easily absorbed.  T.....

Tamanu 100mL

Caulophyllum inophyllum oil is a green, smooth, silky, thick oil pressed from the nuts of a large tr.....

Unscented Massage Oil 500mL

Essential Essence unscented massage oil contains Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil (Sunflower Oil), Capri.....

Witch Hazel Extract 50mL

Witch hazel is mainly used externally as a natural remedy for skin conditions.  It is a natural.....

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