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Heat Wheat Bag (small) 150mm x 300mm

Essential Essence wheat bags are available in a variety of colours and sizes.  The fabric is so.....

Hydrosol - Lemon 250mL

A hydrosol is the “water” part of steam or hydro-distillation of a botanical. They have the same.....

Lavender Water 100mL

Floral waters such as rose and lavender are fragrant and refreshing tonics to use on the skin af.....

Magnesium Oil 50mL

Magnesium oil is comprised of magnesium chloride flakes in water.  Technically it is not an oil.....

Natural Healing Skin Salve 100g

This salve was made by solar infusing home grown dried organic helichrysum & lavender flower bud.....

Oud Body Spray 100mL

Essential Essence Middle Eastern Oud 100mL body spray is rich, strong and addictive.  It h.....

Pine Natural Room Spray 250mL

Natural Pine Room Spray is the hydrosol produced from the steam distillation of Pinus radiata pine n.....

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of natural healing.  It is a precise and direct method of healing which has a s.....

Relax Pack

A great gift idea, Essential Essence relax pack contains:15mL pure argan oil150g deodorising body ta.....

Rose Water 100mL

Rose Water has a delightful fragrance.  Use any time of the day or night as a refreshing spri.....

Sandalwood Incense Sticks x20

Quality hand rolled pure Australian Sandalwood incense sticks.  Approximately 1hr burn time.&nb.....

Smudge Stick

Essential Essence hand made smudge sticks contain organic home grown sage.  They are bound by h.....

Soap - Hand Made Lemongrass 100g

Essential Essence hand-made lemongrass soap has a wonderfully intense, refreshing and uplifting frag.....

Solubiliser 50mL

Polysorbate 20 is used in the manufacture of aromatherapy sprays to specifically keep the oils and.....

Thai Floral Oud Oil 3mL

Oud is a rare, exotic, very expensive and highly prized oil around the world.  It is used as an.....

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