Our chest rub is made in small batches.  It is a triple whole herb infusion of frankincense resin, mullein leaves, eucalyptus leaves, and bay leaves in pure olive oil.  After filtering out the solid herbs and resin, the remaining enriched oil is blended with unrefined mango butter, beeswax, menthol, camphor oil and eucalyptus oil to form a healing medicinal salve.  This salve may help soothe an irritating cough, and may assist to open your airways and ease anxious feelings.  To use, apply the chest rub to your chest and back.  Gently massage the skin until all of the product has been absorbed.  This product is not suitable for infants or babies and is for external use only. 

Indications & Uses
Respiratory Afflictions

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Chest Rub Natural 150g

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