Misty Forest Argarwood Oil (Oud) is a lovely refreshing note on top of a complicated woody base.  It is slightly sour, dried fruit sweet but extremely pleasant to wear.  Your jaw will drop the moment you experience this heavenly scent.  Whenever you feel stressed take a sniff and feel instantly relaxed.  Just add one drop to your aromatherapy diffuser to spread this divine aroma throughout the whole room. 

This oil is 100% pure cultivated, but is very close to wild argarwood, without the typical barnyard scent.  We support the cultivated argarwood oil as the techniques used to grow the Aquilara trees to produce this oil are sustainable.  Use the oil on its own or mixed with other natural oils and extracts to create a beautiful, deeply layered, long lasting exotic perfume.


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Argawood Pure Essential Oil 0.5mL

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  • Product Code: Argawood Pure Essential Oil 0.5mL
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