Whether you have used them for aromatherapy, massage, or never at all, you may be surprised at how useful they can be for soothing your PMS symptoms.  PMS Massage Blend contains a combination of 3 different essential oils to help you take a positive approach towards your body's changing chemistry:

  • Clary Sage is an anti-spasmodic.  It may help to relieve stomach cramps, reduce back aches and balance hormone levels in the body.  Clary Sage can also be helpful later in life when you approach menopause too.
  • Rose Geranium is a calming oil.  It works by reducing stress, anxiety by soothing the central nervous system.  Stress can make day-to-day life even more difficult when it is that time of the month.
  • Lavender can help to relax your muscles and your mind, so may be beneficial if you regularly suffer from period cramps and mood swings. 

This aromatic massage formulation can be gently applied to your lower back, abdomen and pulse points.  Breathe in the aromas as you massage to help ease headaches and irritability, and enjoy the added benefits of fractionated coconut oil.  FCO has rich hydrating properties that will help to soothe and soften skin.  It can help to minimise stretch marks, and when applied after shaving, it can also help to prevent itchiness, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin.

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PMS Massage Blend 100mL

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