Used in healing since ancient times, the unusual and exceptional properties of Tamanu oil, combined with Lavender Bud and Calendula infused olive oil provides antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.  This salve has the ability to penetrate all layers of the skin to get to the source of the problem to reduce inflammation and pain.  It has been demonstrated to rapidly regenerate new skin, repair nerves and diminish scarring.  This salve may assist in the treatment of muscle aches, scars, sciatica and rheumatism.  Arthritis salve is a solid at room temperature and melts when applied to the skin.  Only a small amount is required for lasting relief.  This product does not contain any preservatives.  It is packaged in a container that is easy to access and has a tamper proof seal.

Pain Relief
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Arthritis Salve 150g

  • $20.00

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