Our Australian Made natural gift pack #2 contains the following:

  • Banksia Natural Pod Diffuser
  • Banksia Tea Light
  • Tea Light Candle

All of the Banksia items are handmade from the Australian Banksia grandis seed pod.  This particular species of Banksia is found in coastal regions of Western Australia. Each seed pod is responsibly hand-picked after they have expelled their seeds. 

The diffuser works by soaking up the essential oil.  It then slowly releases the aroma into the atmosphere through its pores.  To create a stronger scent, essential oil may be placed on the inside and outside of the pod.  Select base note oils for a longer lasting aroma.

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Gift Pack 02 - Banksia Diffuser & Banksia Tea Light

  • $45.00

Tags: diffuser, Banksia, natural diffuser